OSPL products cover the entire spectrum of information security. Predominately based on Hewlett Packard equipment, our TEMPEST products provide you with the quality and compatibility you can rely upon. In all instances products are built using the latest branded, quality components.
As an independent organisation, OSPL is not restricted in its choice of OEM equipment that it chooses to base its products upon, so if you have a need for equipment to be based on an alternative brand of equipment, then we would be happy to discuss your needs further.
In today's ever changing requirements for security, whether you are office based or in the field, OSPL has a trusted IT solution for you.


It is a little known fact, that all electrical and electronic equipment produces unintentional radiation, which could be intercepted by a receiving device some distance away from the equipment. TEMPEST is defined as the study of the emission of unintentional protectively marked from an equipment or system. If these emissions were intercepted and analysed they could reveal compromising emanations and thus the protectively marked data. [Source: CESG UK 2007]
When it comes to TEMPEST protected equipment, OSPL offers state-of-the-art solutions that provide the required level of TEMPEST protection needed to meet the tough demands made by Governments, Military and various branches of industry alike. OSPL has both the skills and experience to engineer the right solution for any information-security concept.